Tuesday, June 7

Soda bottle earrings DIY

It is amazing how many ways plastic soda bottles can be recycled and reused. I detest the idea of the drink turning up every time in plastic containers. Nostalgia makes me want to see them again in glass bottles that would get supplied in re-used, like in the 80s.

If the soda bottle comes in handy for your trinklets and a million other household items, nothing like it. I had a leftover piece from an earlier project, and decided to cut away with a pair of scissors, after coming across a project online.

Out came my pair of scissors, and more.

Things I used for this super quick DIY - a pair of earrings --

-- soda can or drink bottle, washed and dried

-- a pair of scissors

-- candle

-- small hole punch

-- jump rings

-- fish hooks

-- candle with matchsticks or lighter

-- jewellery/jewelry plier

It was something I did not think of before, but the curvy quality of this plastic makes it easy to melt and bend when it is hot.

Cut the bottle into pieces that have no regular shape, but hover around an inch and half in size. Light a candle and try melting the edges of the plastic pieces lightly. It will make the pieces all curvy and irregular. That's the idea.

Once these pieces are ready, use a small hole punch and pin holes on each piece - at one end.

The next step, is to fix jump rings. Use the jewelry plier to do this, and make sure you use more rings that make the pieces be able to dance without much ado.

All you need now, is to fix fish hooks. A set of summery green plastic earrings are ready for use.

Wear them over a plain work shirt or accessorize for that fun look.

Pictures and content by Radhika M B

For permissions to reuse, write to radicreative@gmail.com

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