Monday, February 29

Cardboard Coasters with Washi Tape DIY

The most ubiquitous of things that can be trashed at home, are corrugated cardboard boxes and pieces of cardboard that come with products.

I dream of seeing such cardboard get compressed and carved into sturdy designer furniture some day. Until then, it is about wracking my brains about what can be done with those beige-brown pieces that invade our household lives.

About three years ago, Vidya Nair of Whatsurhomestory blog showed a radically different idea for wall decor. She used newspapers on a canvas and gingko leaves as glued brush strokes for her seasonal decor. I have been enamoured by her effort to this day, and it is one of those inspiring projects that prompts me to come up with ideas - mundane and unique for cardboards.

This time I decided to do away with the idea of buying coasters for home, and picked up cardboard pieces that come with our home delivered food.

It's that typical project for a lazy afternoon.

What you need:

-- Cardboard pieces that are sturdy
-- Washi tape of different colours
-- a paper trimmer
-- a pair of scissors
-- a marker pen for decorating cardboard edges
-- another thin marker to draw curves at corners
-- a guide curve (I used the plastic opener of a wet-tissues sachet)
-- optional, glue or Gorilla glue in case Washi tape does not stick
-- optional, is a ruler

Place your cardboard pieces alongside between the flap of the paper trimmer and its base, in such a way that you can cut them in the same size.

Place the base of your palm over the rotary blade cover, cup it and move it over the cardboard pieces in swift vertical movements a few times. The cardboard pieces get trimmed to your desired size. If you see them cut a little unevenly, use a pair of scissors to trim off.

Use the plastic guide-curve piece to mark out curves along the corners of these pieces using a ball-point pen, pencil or a fine tip marker pen.

If you have a corner rounder, nothing like it. But you can use a pair of scissors to shape off the corners into elegant curves.

 Now pick up the Washi tape and use it to decorate the beige coasters.
The tape may not stick well at times, which is why you need to keep some extra glue handy.

I have used the tape to entirely embellish my coasters.

I used a blue fine tip marker pen to outline the edges partly.

The cardboard coasters are ready - super quick and simple to make at home. Until after I was done with the colour combination, I did not realize that it resembers sea, foam and sand in its own unique way.

Enjoy your cup of tea or coffee with the earthy pieces.

Pictures courtesy: Radhika M B

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