Friday, September 14

Re-purpose, salvage, don't throw it away

What exactly would you do if an item around home broke? Not to a million pieces, but a little? Would you still throw it away?

A little patience and some creativity can help re-purpose or repair the item, if not complete restore it. The net is full of ideas to repurpose used and broken items.

Here, am pasting pictures from Vidya Nair's lovely post about how she repurposed, rather salvaged  a broken tea-cup planter she had bought from Walmart, for the same purpose.

Incessant rains ruined the plants and planter.

Here is what she did:

She hot-glued the planter with this cord, and spray painted it with grey paint.  Not happy with the look, she painted it again, this time with orange.

And the planter was ready for use.

Her own experience with the whole project, is available in her wonderful website:

Picture Courtesy: Vidya Nair
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